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  Eliminate Manual Test Entry
  We Send Your Test Due Notices
  We Track Your Test Reports
  Substantially Reduce Overhead
  Efficient, Effective, Economical
  Built by Backflow Professionals
  Managed by Backflow Professionals
  The RIGHT Choice for Your Organization
XC2Live! Intelligent, Economical Alternative for your backflow program!
XC2Live provides a service to make your backflow prevention program much more cost effective. Dramatically reduce the costs involved in sending notices, collecting and entering backflow test results. We do the work for you! The cost is a fraction of what you are spending now and we take the work load off you and provide you with the reports that you need.
Replace or keep your existing backflow prevention software
XC2Live will send your test due notices and provide a site to have testers enter test results. We will provide you with electronic monthly reports of activity.

This might be all you need for your organization. However you may also want to continue using XC2 Backflow Software, or other backflow software to manage other aspects of your system such as cross-connection surveys and inspections.
XC2Live is powered by XC2 Backflow Prevention Software!

The XC2Live backflow program management web service is powered by the best most robust backflow software in the industry: XC2 Backflow Software. XC2 Backflow Software is time tested and has been in use by over 500 water utilities.
We know backflow programs! We know backflow testing!
XC2Live staff has many years of experience working directly with water utility backflow prevention coordinators, understanding all of the various tasks involved in a successful backflow prevention program.

Our staff as well has over 20 years of working with backflow testing contractors.