Frequently Asked Questions
What is XC2Live?
XC2Live is a hosted web service providing the sending of backflow notices & online entry of test results by backflow testing contractors.

XC2Live provides a simple and easy to use, yet robust web entry system for municipalities and backflow testers as well as the customers who own the backflow preventers.
How does XC2Live benefit my organization?
XC2Live takes all the hassle out of sending backflow test due notices, collecting and entering test results. This dramatically reduces time and money spent on data entry, filing, postage, printing , toner, paper, envelopes, and the office space needed in your office to perform these tasks.

A large portion of the cost to run your backflow program is supported by fees collected from backflow testing contractors.

The contractors have the option to pass on the cost to the customer.
How will I know who is compliant?
Municipalities will receive timely electronic reports listing which customers have had tests performed, with date of test, test results, and notices sent. For customers who have been sent a second notice, the municipality will be notified when the due date has passed.

For municipalities who use XC2 Backlow Software, there is an optional interface to retrieve this information automatically on a scheduled basis from the XC2Live website.
How is XC2 Backflow Software different from XC2Live
XC2Live is independent from your existing XC2 Backflow Software. XC2Live is a "hosted" web service that takes the place of, and/or can work with your XC2 Backflow Software. The XC2Live service sends annual backflow assembly test due notices and provides a website for testing contractors to enter test results.

Those test results will be forwarded to you in an electronic format. An optional feature of your XC2 Backflow Software is that you can automatically download and import those test results directly into your XC2 system.
Can we use the automatic download option if we don't have XC2 Backflow Software
The automatic download and import option is a "web service". As such your programmer might be able to write a function in your existing backflow software to work with the XC2Live web service.
Do we need to have backflow software at all in order to use XC2Live?
That is up to you. XC2Live will send your test due notices and provide a site to have testers enter test results. We will provide you with electronic monthly reports of activity.

This might be all you need for your organization. However you may also want to continue using XC2 Backflow Software, or other backflow software to manage other aspects of your system such as cross-connection surveys and inspections.
As the municipality, what information will we be able to access on the XC2Live website
You will be able to logon to XC2Live with a special user name and password. You will then be able to view all of the facilities (customer sites) in your jurisdiction, including the service address and contact information, mailing information and all of the backflow assemblies at those locations.

You will be able to view all of the testing contractors in your jurisdiction and set them as approved or unapproved to perform backflow tests in your area.

You will also be able to search for backflow test history based upon multiple criteria, such as: customer name, test date range, tester, type of assembly, et al.
Will our customers be able to view their own backflow information
Yes! Your customers can log on with their Customer Code and PIN, and view all of the information at their own site, including address, contact and backflow information.
Is my customer information secure?
YES! All access to the XC2Live site is secure and password protected.

Testers may only access customer information for which they have been given a Customer Code and PIN. Testers may also access any past test results information performed by their company.

The municipality may access any customer or test results information withing their jurisdiction. The customers may access information about their backflow assemblies by using their Code and PIN.
How much will using XC2Live cost my municipality?
XC2Live charges a small annual subscription fee depending upon options selected.
Subscription fees start at $495/year.
Backflow testing contractors will be charged a small fee for each test entered online.
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