What are the Benefits of XC2Live?
  Cost-effective way to run a backflow program
  XC2Live works directly with the customer
  XC2Live works directly with the tester
  Reduce time spent on data entry
  Reduce paper or electronic filing
  Option to generate revenue for the municipality
  Compliance becomes easy
  Municipality can enter its own tests for FREE
  XC2Live can notify the municipality of its own tests due
XC2Live manages ALL aspects of your notification process. The customer support that you perform now will be handled by the experts at XC2Live.

Your customers will be serviced by staff that is knowledgeable of the backflow program and backflow testing industries. You have the option to have your organization logo and letterhead on the notices we send.

Currently you read, verify and enter your test results. This is time consuming and labor intensive. XC2Live staff will be in direct communication with the testers to ensure that tests are entered appropriately.

Many times more than one notice needs to be sent to a customer. Sending of multiple notices is included in the services XC2Live provides!

Reduce the overhead of managing your backflow prevention program. Using XC2Live will make compliance reporting at the end of the year fast and easy.